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Carmen Amato and Cliff Diver: Exciting New Crime Author

Set in beautiful, but dangerous Acapulco, “Cliff Diver” is the first book in the Detective Emilia Cruz series from award-winning author, Carmen Amato. As Acapulco’s only female detective, Cruz is tasked with the job of investigating Mexican drug cartels as they battle for control of the city and the politicians that are bought with their blood money. LEARN MORE

Best Books of 2013: Reader’s Guide

Included in Amazon’s free kindle book was a review of “The Women Who Lost Her Soul”, written by National Book Award winner, Bob Shacochis. Set in the  poverty stricken island of Haiti, Shacochis’ book explores the darker elements of U.S. culture that have led our country into what many feel is a nation at “perpetual war.” LEARN MORE