Mexico City is a vibrant, exciting and dangerous place, rife with drug cartel violence and political corruption. Yet, the city conceals another side just as treacherous, one that can be found in the elegant mansions, manicured compounds and seductive glamour of Mexico’s very rich.

When Lili Golden’s beautiful sister, owner of The Palace of the Blue Butterfly art gallery, disappears in Mexico’s enormous capital, Lili abandons her comfortable stateside life to search for her. Soon she finds herself swept into her sister’s glittering world . . .


Praise for the writing


A great read that entertains and keeps you guessing Del Río begins with a body in an orange grove and takes us down the Pacific coast of Mexico. The smooth narrative drew me in and compelled me to keep reading. Jane Rosenthal is a master storyteller and is expert at mixing her cocktail of suspense with a splash of humor and settings banal and exotic. I enjoyed the way she juxtaposes the cultures of California and Mexico and the way she kept me guessing about how the book would end.

Craig Delaney May 31, 2021

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