Palace of the Butterfly

When Lili Golden’s beautiful sister, owner of The Palace of the Blue Butterfly art gallery, disappears in Mexico’s enormous capital, Lili abandons her comfortable stateside life to search for her. Soon she finds herself swept into her sister’s glittering world, full of movie stars, mysterious ex-pats, handsome political figures and chivalrous titans of industry, all of whom are willing to help. The only problem is one of them has very different and perhaps deadly intentions. By the time Lili figures out who that is, it could just be too late.

More about the book from a reviewer

The story moves quickly, and is further enhanced by the author’s impressive knowledge of the customs, history and lifestyle in Mexico City. Rosenthal deftly uses the vast cultural differences between the U.S. and Mexico to deepen the mystery and present multiple theories behind the lead character’s sister’s disappearance.

With all of the cultural, political, historical and religious differences between the two countries, nothing can be taken at face value. There are questions and mystery everywhere Rosenthal’s protagonist looks, which entrances the reader and makes them not want to put “Palace of the Blue Butterfly” down.

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Guest blogger, Jacqui Keady, is a freelance writer and lifelong, avid reader of mystery and romance novels. She lives in Folsom, California with her husband and two dogs.