The Upside of Immigration

There is a growing effort in many of the developed countries around the world to stem immigration; to close ranks and try to protect one’s territory from the flow of newcomers. From an evolutionary standpoint, human beings are genetically programmed to establish groups. And the ability to do so is vital to our survival as […]

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Dia de Reyes: Celebrating a Visit From the Magi

Traditionally, Americans ring in the new year with a kiss, a toast and a glass of champagne, and pronounce the holiday season over. January represents an abrupt return to reality as we put those pesky new year’s resolutions to test, and try not panic when the Christmas bills come rolling in. The joy of Christmas […]

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Blended Faith

With the holidays upon us, I’ve been thinking about the unique mixture of Christianity and ancient religious beliefs that make up the holiday traditions in Mexico. Prior to Spain colonizing the country, there were complex and deeply instilled belief systems in the indigenous Indian cultures, such as Aztec, Mayan, Inca and others. Specifically, they did […]

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Political Privilege

Do you ever get frustrated with the political situation in America, and wonder if you’d be better off somewhere else? From climate to culture to cost of living and politics, every country in the world is different and each has its own unique set of pros and cons. One of the very things that most […]

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The Day of the Dead

The name of this cultural tradition in Mexico may sound ominous, but it is actually an occasion filled with joy and celebration. The Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertos, occurs directly after Halloween, but there is no similarity between the two. On November 1, it is believed that souls of relatives and ancestors […]

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Viva La Independencia!

The more you learn about Mexico and its people, the more you realize that there is quite possibly no prouder culture in the world. The citizens of Mexico honor their ancestors and history in many ways, and celebrate the very diverse cultural traditions around the country. There is also a strong belief system that shared […]

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The Night No One Sleeps

In the capital city Humantla, located in the East-Central part of Mexico, the largest cultural celebration of the year in the Mexican state,Tlaxcala, is underway. Feria de Huamantla runs from July 21st through August 21st, and appears to have begun originally as a festival dedicated to the worship of Xochiquetzal, the goddess of love, flowers […]

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Football or Futbol?

It happens every four years and is met with much anticipation and excitement in diverse countries around the world. I’m talking about the soccer (futbol) tournament, known as the World Cup, happening right now in Russia. Depending on where you live, the enthusiasm for this event can reach a fever pitch. In the United States, […]

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El Dia del Padre

Like in many other countries around the world, there’s a specific day set aside each year in Mexico to recognize and show gratitude for fathers. El dia del padre is observed on the third Sunday in June every year, and in keeping with most special occasions, is generally celebrated on a grander scale than in […]

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La Familia

I have a dear friend who, long ago, immigrated from Mexico to the United States. She is a lovely, warm, spiritual woman and I am often in awe of her dedication to family over all else. Her children are grown and starting families of their own, but not a day goes by that they don’t […]

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